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The content of this page in no way reflects the opinions, standards, or policy of the United States Air Force Academy or the United States government.

The Pencil and Paper Interpreter is an environment for running programs for the Pencil and Paper computer, described in Chapter 5 of The Computer Continuum, by Kurt Lauckner and Mildred Lintner, (c) 2001.

Click here to see a picture of the Pencil and Paper environment.

Pencil and Paper Interpreter is freely distributed by the Department of Computer Science at the United States Air Force Academy as a service to the CS education community.


A Windows executable and install shield for both the Pencil and Paper interpreter and ROBOT interpreter can be downloaded here.  You must have first installed Tcl/Tk 8.4.

Source for Pencil and Paper Interpreter may be obtained by clicking here.  To compile the Pencil and Paper interpreter, you will need an Ada compiler (we use the free compiler GNAT, available for download from (among other sites) NYU), the TASH binding (we used 8.41a), and the RAPID sources.  For non-Windows machines, Help_Menu.adb should be modified to call a browser to read the help file (see commented out section).

The latest version was posted 16 May 2003.


Comments, suggestions, and bug reports are welcome. If you have a comment, suggestion or bug report, send an email to Martin Carlisle.

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